Duolingo – The world’s Best Way To Learn A Language

Let us learn with Duolingo. What if I told you about a platform where you can learn a new language totally free at your own pace, time, and convenience? Learning a new language can be so exciting, important, and worth every trial.

The Duolingo is an American online platform that aids the learning of different languages online. It has had a lot of reviews and has become quite popular with those who have tried learning a new language online.

In this article, the courses, products, and how to use Duolingo would all be detailed here. Keep on reading to learn more about the platform.


Duolingo prides itself as the best way to learn a language and was founded by Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker. This platform was first launched on the 30th of November, 2011 as a private beta and later launched on the 19th of June, 2012 as a public release. The platform has over 200 employees working on it, having Luis Von Ahn as the CEO of the company.

The platform can be accessed in about 25 different languages. This makes it available in multilingual options and it is very available to everyone all over the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

The platform has about 4 offices, comes from over 30 countries, and speaks more than 30 languages. The statistics of workers of Duolingo are 60% of men and 40% of women and has over 300 million user/ learners from around the world.

 Duolingo Services

The services that are being ordered by Duolingo platform are;

  • Language courses.
  • Duolingo English Test.
  • Duolingo for Schools.
  • Tinycards flashcard app.

Learning with Duolingo has a specific pattern. These patterns are;

  • Personalized learning: your learning process can be personalized. There are exercises that are tailored to help you learn and review vocabulary effectively.
  • Receive immediate grading: after going through the exercises and challenges, you can instantly see which answers you get correct. If you miss a challenge, you will be shown how to improve.
  • Stay motivated with rewards: This platform motivates its users to learn and complete their learning exercises by earning coins, unlocking new levels, and watching your fluency score rise for every challenge you complete.
  • Improve quickly: the courses being taken on this platform have been compared to one university semester of language courses. This means you are getting about equal learning on Duolingo as you would in a university.

With Duolingo, you can learn anytime and anywhere.

Duolingo Languages

The languages available for learning on the Duolingo language platform are numerous. The languages include;

  • English.
  • Spanish.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Japanese.
  • Italian.
  • Korean.
  • Chinese.
  • Russian.
  • Arabic.
  • Portuguese.
  • Hindi.
  • Turkish.
  • Dutch.
  • Latin.
  • Swedish.
  • Greek.
  • Irish.
  • Polish.
  • Norwegian (Bokmal).
  • Hebrew.
  • Vietnamese.
  • Hawaiian.
  • High Valyrian.
  • Danish.
  • Indonesian.
  • Romanian.
  • Welsh.
  • Czech.
  • Scottish Gaelic.
  • Swahili.
  • Hungarian.
  • Ukrainian.
  • Klingon.
  • Navajo.
  • Esperanto.
  • Finnish.

These languages are being thought of following course formats that have been drafted by Duolingo.

Duolingo App

The platform is also available in a mobile application. The application is supported by windows, android, and iOS devices. Now you can enjoy the platform from anywhere, at any time. The application works exactly like the official webpage and needs to be downloaded into your device in other to access it.

Duolingo App Download

To download the mobile application, only a few steps would be required of you. Here are the steps you need to follow to download the application.

  • Go to your device application store and open it. This could be the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Type in “Duolingo: Learn Languages Free” into the search bar and tap on search.
  • Tap on install. This will automatically download and install the application into your device.

When the download and installation is complete, you can access the application and start your learning journey.


To make use of this platform in learning languages, you are required to create an online account with the platform. This helps the platform create and keep your statistic which you can use to monitor your progress. These are steps to log in to your account:

  • Go to Duolingo or open the application if you already have it installed into your device.
  • Impute your email and password to your account.

By following these steps, you would be logged in to your account.

Sign Up

  • Go to duolingo.com or tap on the application to open.
  • Click on “GET STARTED” to load the registration page.
  • Click on the language you want to learn and promptly provide basic information needed.
  • Lastly, click on “Register”.

When You follow the steps above successfully your account will be created and you can use this account to learn a different language. You do not need to open another account to learn a new language.

I hope you enjoy your experience while you learn new beautiful languages using the Duolingo platform. Kindly share this awesome info. with friends and loved ones using the buttons below.

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