Leadership Scholarships Around The World

Leadership Scholarships Around The World: Strong leaders are highly sought-after worldwide, and many universities pride themselves on nurturing the next generation of leaders, innovators and decision-makers. For this reason, leadership scholarships commonly offered; universities are keen to attract and support students who show leadership potential – as a way to nurture an innovative spirit on campus, as well as ensuring an alumni community full of impressive achievements.

See below for a selection of scholarships to support future leaders, for studies around the world.

Leadership Scholarships Around The World To Study Anywhere

  • Jusoor Scholarship Programs – Opportunities for Syrian students to gain leadership and academic scholarships to study in the US, Europe and the Middle East.
  • QS Leadership Scholarship – Exclusive international postgraduate scholarship open to attendees of the QS World Grad School Tour who demonstrate leadership, to support the costs of a graduate program (excluding MBAs) anywhere in the world.

To study in Australia & New Zealand

To study in New Zealand:

  • Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship @ UC – Merit-based scholarshipsfor students from New Zealand or Australia with leadership potential to gain funding for study at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

To study in Australia:

  • Charlie Bell Scholarship for Future Leaders – Scholarship program for McDonalds employees in Australia to further their studies in leadership and/or business at an accredited Australian university.
  • European Global Leaders Scholarship @ the University of Queensland – Merit-based scholarships for European students to study at the University of Queensland in the faculty of business, economics and law on a master’s degree program (excluding the MBA). The university also offers a Global Leaders Scholarship to students from Indonesia.
  • Engineering leadership Scholarships @ the University of Sydney– Undergraduate scholarships for engineering students with leadership potential at the University of Sydney in Australia. Only open to Australian citizens/permanent residents.
  • International Leadership Scholarship @ Monash University – Undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students showing leadership potential at Monash University in Australia.
  • Queer Leaders Scholarship @ Monash University – More merit-based scholarships from Monash University, open to all LGBTQ students active in promoting inclusivity and awareness of gender and sexuality. More scholarships for LGBTQ students are listed here.
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship @ UWS – Undergraduate scholarships for new students at the University of Western Sydney in Australia, to gain funding for studies and access to ‘The Academy’ – UWS’s leadership center. Only open to Australian citizens/permanent residents.

To study in Europe

To study in the UK:

  • Future Leaders Scholarships @ RHUL – Scholarships for EU and home students with leadership potential to study at Royal Holloway University of London in the UK at undergraduate level.
  • Global Leaders Scholarships – Undergraduate scholarships for international students wishing to study an undergraduate degree at the City, University of London.
  • Leadership and Emerging Leaders’ Scholarships – UK scholarships for nurses, midwives and health professionals to gain funding for leadership development in the UK. Funded by the Florence Nightingale Foundation.
  • Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Programme @ the University of Oxford – International development, conservation and environmental management graduate scholarships for students from certain developing countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East to study at the University of Oxford on a related graduate program.

To study in North America

To study in Canada:

  • Entrance Leadership Scholarship Competition @ University of Alberta – Undergraduate scholarships for the University of Alberta in Canada, open to Canadian students who show academic ability and leadership potential.
  • Nelson Civic Leadership Scholarship – Scholarships for Canadian students outside Quebec who have an interest in community development and leadership wishing to gain funding to study at undergraduate level at a Canadian university.
  • Schulich Leader Scholarships – Undergraduate scholarships for leading students in STEM fields at accredited Canadian universities. Excludes medicine and medical research.
  • TD Scholarships for Community Leadership – Scholarships for Canadian students involved in community development, human rights, politics, youth engagement or social work to gain funding to study at universities across Canada.

To study in the US:

  • Coca-Cola Scholars Program– Merit-based scholarships for US students to gain funding for undergraduate study in the US.
  • Comcast Youth Education & Leadership Scholarships– Undergraduate scholarships for US students to gain funding for university and to get involved in community development and leadership.
  • Emerging Global Leader Scholarship @ AU– Scholarships for international students with an interest in leadership and development to study at American University in Washington DC.
  • Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship @ Harvard University – US scholarships for outstanding students from the UAE and Arab countries to study at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (Center for Public Leadership).
  • Global Leaders Need-Based Scholarships – Need-based scholarships for international students with an interest in leadership, to study in the US.
  • Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes – Leadership scholarships open to US and Canadian citizens who show potential for making a positive difference in their community and/or environment.
  • Hunt Leadership Scholars Program @ SMU – Need-based scholarships for students displaying leadership potential at Southern Methodist University.
  • Leadership 1000 Scholarship – For US students studying in Washington State.
  • National Student Leadership Scholarship @ NC State – Offered by North Carolina State University in the US, open to students involved in ongoing leadership activities.
  • Posse Foundation Scholarships – Academic scholarships for students from underrepresented backgrounds in the US to gain funding for university and to develop their leadership potential.
  • Presidential Leadership Scholarship – Non-degree scholarship to hone leadership skills on a six-month program in Washington DC.
  • Stamps Leadership Scholarships – Various opportunities to gain funding to study at select universities in the US and outside.
  • The Leadership Award @ UC Berkeley – One scholarship offered yearly to high-achieving undergraduate students with leadership potential at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • The Texas Lyceum Leadership Scholarship – undergraduate scholarships for young Texans with leadership ability wishing to study in Texas.

To study elsewhere in the world

  • MEPI Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship Program – Open to motivated students from underrepresented communities in the Middle East and North Africa to gain funding to attend a reputed university in the Middle East.
  • Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships – International scholarships for graduate Chinese students interested in studying business and leadership at master’s level at Hong Kong Baptist University.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for concerning Leadership Scholarships Around The World, you should make sure to search the website of the university or business school you want to study at, to find out what funding opportunities are available. For more advice on how to find scholarships and how to apply, please see our complete guide on How to Find Scholarships to Study Abroad.

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