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Study In Philadelphia: Home of Ivy League member the University of Pennsylvania (13th in the QS World University Rankings® 2022), as well as the esteemed Drexel University and Temple University, Philadelphia certainly holds its own as an international study destination.

The city has played a key role throughout US history and politics. It was here that the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and here that the Liberty Bell – a symbol of US independence – is housed.

This rich history, combined with a good selection of museums, galleries and thriving arts, theater and music scenes, makes Philadelphia a popular tourist destination, as well as a pleasant and interesting place to live.

Beyond the tourist trail, the ‘city of brotherly love’ (a nickname based on the Greek meaning of ‘Philadelphia’), is a multifaceted modern metropolis. The city’s residents are known for being passionate about sport at both professional and university level.

In recent years Philadelphia has also become something of a foodie’s favorite, though the city’s cuisine will always be associated primarily with the simple pleasures of the steak and cheese submarine sandwich (the ‘Philly cheesesteak’).

Internationally ranked universities for Study in Philadelphia

World ranking University
13 University of Pennsylvania
651-700 Drexel University
751-800 Temple University

More about Philadelphia

Philadelphia ranks joint 62nd in the QS Best Cities Ranking from last year, probably due to its good performance across indicators and the quality of education offered to students who live there.

Number of universities ranked by QS: 3

Highest-ranked institution: University of Pennsylvania (13th)

Population: 1,592,000

Average international fees (at ranked universities): US$46,400

Desirability rank: 64th

Employer Activity rank: 40th

Affordability rank: 111th

Student View rank: 80th

Why study in Philadelphia?

World class education

Philadelphia is one of the educational hubs of the East Coast, home to top ranked institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and many law colleges such as Drexel University and Temple University. The city is known for fostering talent across disciplines – from healthcare to finance and tech – as well as for being an extremely student-friendly city.

Amazing location

Philadelphia is amazingly located between New York City and Washington D.C. Both cities are easily accessible by car, making it easy for students to branch out and explore what the area has to offer. The city is also well connected to the rest of the East Coast (Boston, anyone) and the Northeast with great bus and rail links.

Rich local history

The city is known as the birthplace of American independence and is a great location for those looking to learn more about the history of the United States. History and culture are everywhere, making it a unique place to live in the country.

Cost of living in Philadelphia

Philadelphia ranked 111th for affordability. While this might not seem like an impressive feat, the city is noticeably cheaper than other student destinations on the East Coast.

For example, rent prices in Philadelphia are 51 percent cheaper than in New York City and 36 percent lower than in Boston, with the average single room costing US$1,696.

Life & culture in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to one of the finest arts and culture scenes in the US. From amazing museums (such as The Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art) to live music, theatre, and an incredibly diverse culinary scene, you’ll truly never get bored in Philly.

We also can’t talk about Philadelphia without mentioning its historical significance. The city was the backdrop of several notable events in US history, which you can trace back by walking its streets and visiting sites such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Museum of the American Revolution.

And for those with a flair for the outdoors, the city’s large parks and recreation system boasts over 300 neighborhood parks, over 100 miles of trails, 60 community gardens and more.

Careers in Philadelphia

Because of its incredible location, Philadelphia is a great place to find work after graduation. Whether you look for a job in the city or commute to New York, Philadelphia stands tall as one of the East Coast main economic hubs.

Some of the biggest industries include tech, e-commerce, design, education, healthcare, manufacturing, finance and tourism.

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